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Enrollment Process

  1. Applicant fills in an Application Form and attaches copies of education documents and portfolio.
  2. We select and interview applicants based on;

  3. Applicants who pass a job interview will make a probationary employment contract (119 days).
  4. The company will make probationary employee performance evaluation within 90 days after making the probationary employment contract.
  5. A new employee makes an employment contract with the company.
  6. Payoff during probationary period is on 15th and 30th/31st of each month.
  7. When the company employs probationary employees to be employees, employees must agree to leave a deposit for 3,000 Baht by deducting 250 Baht a month for 12 months from employee's salary. If employees resign from their positions by following the company's rules, the company agrees to pay back the deposit to employees within 15 days without interest. However, if employees resign from positions without following our rules, we will not pay back the deposit in order to pay any damage.